Occasionally we have young adults available for placement in a new home. These are dogs that were selected for showing and, for one reason or another, were withdrawn from the program.  Occasionally they are being returned by owners who can no longer keep them.  These dogs are housetrained, have been health checked and are neutered as they are not intended for breeding purposes.  Often they will also have basic obedience training.  All potential homes for these dogs will be carefully screened. E-mail is good for a first contact and the internet is great for research but nothing compares to human interaction. Please call us to set up an appointment if you are interested in one of these dogs.

                                           In Addition

There are times when we may have a young bitch for sale or for lease to a breeder of sound reputation.  Our bitches are available for purchase or lease once they are ten to twelve months of age so that we can be assured that they carry the quality we strive for in our pedigree.  The age of these bitches enable us to more accurately assess what they may have to offer a breeding program in regard to health, conformation and temperament.  We are both proud and honored to have our bitches considered as a potential asset to the breeding programs of peers that we hold in high esteem.